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Get A Deva Curl Cut in Utica From The Curl Experts At The John Latini Salon

Curly girls: are you tired of lifeless, dull locks that clump, frizz, split but worried about negative past experiences at the salon? That’s how you know it’s time to try something different and that’s where the Deva Curl cut comes in. This unique method works with your hair not against it to solve the common problems women with natural curls face.

Let The John Latini Salon introduce you to a whole new relationship with your hair.

The Best Haircut For Curly Hair

Curly hair is beautiful and with the right cut, it’s a brilliant wash and go look. The problems most women with naturally curly hair face start with their haircut. Since the wrong method leads to unmanageable hair, you’re locked in a bad hair day cycle.

The Deva Curl Cut is different. This method is specifically designed to suit all curl textures and teach you how to work with your crowning glory. Whether your hair is wavy, curly, or a bundle of beautiful corkscrews, the Deva Curl Cut works.

Curly Girl Problems, Solved

Your beautiful bouncy curls come with a few unique challenges.

  • You constantly battle single strand knots.
  • Your hair is damaged and your ends split easily.
  • Dehydration causes breakage and frizz.
  • Some curl types are porous, letting in moisture and causing more frizz.
  • Damaged curly hair can mat together and cause hair loss from traction stress.
  • Your stylist meant well, but your hair looks like a triangle. It’s limp near the crown and poofs out near the ends.
  • You can’t brush your hair, so your natural oils never distribute resulting in an oily scalp.

If you relate to any of the issues above, the Deva Curl Cut is for you.

What To Expect At Your Deva Curl Cut Appointment

The Deva Curl Cut is a revolutionary hair cutting method that shapes each curl individually. Co-owner Lucille Latini is Deva Curl Certified, which means she is up to date on proper curl management from cut to style.

Lets walk through what you can expect from your Deva Curl Cut in Utica at the prestigious John Latini Salon.

A Different Kind of Hair Consultation

The Deva Curl Cut method works for every curl type and starts with your curl consultation. Lucille loves to see curls in their natural state and the cut depends on it, so don’t tie it back, don’t add any product, and don’t be ashamed.

Before the shears come out, Lucille has some questions for you. She will get to know your curls, how you prefer to wear your hair, and identify which curl type you have. She understands that listening to her clients is just as important as touching and seeing their hair.

What Is The The Deva Curl Cut

When it’s time to start cutting, Lucille snips dry locks. Since the Deva Curl Method is more like pruning than a traditional haircut, the wash comes after.

This approach reveals your curls’ unique beauty. You’ll emerge with a cut that frames your face perfectly and coaxes your hair into a flattering style.

Forget the nail biting mystery of waiting for your hair to dry before you know you got a good cut. Instead, you’ll see it taking shape right before your eyes.

Deva Curl Layers or Elevations

A traditional layered cut is nothing like creating Deva Curl Elevations. Lucille follows the natural curl pattern and treats curls individually to create visual interest and movement.

A Salon Wash And Style That Actually Looks Good

Before you leave the salon, Lucille styles your hair. This training introduces you to the revolutionary line of Deva Curl products and explains helpful techniques like cowashing. You’ll leave feeling empowered to treat your curls right and they’ll thank you by staying hydrated, sleek, and healthy.

The Latini Deva Curl Cut In Utica Produces Amazing Results

You don’t have to take our word for it, you can see the results for yourself.

Before Deva Curl

Frizzy Hair Before Deva Curl

“Jessica’s curls were beautiful, but lacked the definition I knew I could deliver.” – Lucille Latini

After Deva Curl Cut from John Latini Salon

Deva Curl Cut from John Latini Salon

“After the cut, you can see the difference. Jessica’s hair has a beautiful shape, less frizz, and lots of natural movement.” -Lucille Latini


Read more client reviews before you book your appointment.

Book A Deva Curl Cut in Utica, NY At The John Latini Salon

If you’re tired of paying for haircuts you hate, battling frizz, and an endless string of bad hair days, it’s time to meet Lucille for an official Deva Curl Cut in Utica.

Schedule your curl consultation today so you can love your hair and stop struggling against it. We can’t wait to meet your curls.


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